Challenge Yourself Get Fit And Raise Money For Charity With Fit2Fight White Collar Boxing.

Fit2Fight White Collar Boxing is a unique opportunity for people with little or no boxing background to experience the wonderful world of boxing and the thrill of the fight night in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Get ready for the biggest adrenaline rush of your life
The walk to the ring with people shouting your name
Get yourself into the best shape of your life
Push your body and mind past its normal limits
Fair matching with weight, age and ability check by our trained staff
Most of the participants Sighn up to a white collar boxing for the same reasons to get fit gain a real sense of achievement and to reach their own personal goals And to learn a new sport.


Contests are 3x2 minute rounds with a minute break , with all participates wearing full protection which includes a gum shield ,16 ounce gloves, headgear and a groin protection the referee will always stop a fight or give a standing 8 count if he thinks some one is taking to many shots with out defending themselves.


Once you've been approved to take part you will be given a full training program to carry out over the coming weeks or months until the event.
We will be carrying out 2 nights a week program dedicated to fit2fight White collar boxing you must try to attend both sessions so that we can monitor your weight, training and fitness levels.
This would include skipping, shadowboxing, technique, sparring, footwork, exercises and fight conditioning.
You can always turn up to any of the other classes that are available at the gym.
You will be given a training program to train with when you're not the gym.
Try running a mile time your self, you want to aim at 10-12 minuets for the first week, try and repeat this twice a week keep a record of your times after 6 weeks you should try and get this down to 8-10 minuets.
We can also give dietary advice if needed and our staff will be on hand if you need any more advice.


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