As you embark on your new challenge as a fighter, nutrition is something that cannot be overlooked. You are about to put your body through grueling training, this requires fuel, a heavy mindset shift, and strategies that are going to help support your journey into the ring. If nutrition isn’t a key consideration on this journey you risk becoming tired, sore, fatigued, and will lack optimal recovery, which will lead to non-optimal performance. You now have to view your body as a machine, and you need to feed the machine the best fuel possible.


To perform optimally you need the right mix of protein, carbohydrates and fat in your diet. When you get this combination right, and eat enough, it makes you feel good. This is the first step to optimal performance, getting your diet to a point where it simply makes you feel good. That could be having a high carb diet, a low carb diet, or somewhere in between, we are all unique and this is a process that we have to experiment with. So it’s important to start listening to your body as your body is the tool that will give you the feedback. Just start to listen to your body after each meal and assess what ratios and portions of food make you feel good and energised.


Once you are on a roll and eating healthier food and fuelling your body, your then going to need to learn a few more techniques in the kitchen to ensure you keep your diet exciting and flavoursome. At this stage you need to invest more time in meal prep, learning new cooking techniques, and more recipes. A healthy diet should be exciting and flavoursome, it doesn’t have to be boring, but to do this you will have to invest time in learning the skills necessary to support that.


Once you have some basic diet strategies in place, are eating more real food, and are feeling good and performing well, you then need to consider your other lifestyle factors that will again aid you in performing optimally.

    Getting a good amount of sleep, ideally from 10.30pm-6.30am
    Drinking plenty of fresh clean water
    Being active generally
    Having a positive mindset
    Taking a few choice supplements to aid in your recovery and overall nutrition
    Stretching regularly, and taking time to relax and recover